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Useful Links

Crane Regulations
Cal OSHA Crane Regulations (Title 8)

Federal OSHA Crane Regulations


History of the Crane


Societies and Organizaitons

ANSI - American National Standards Institute

ASME - American Society of Structural Engineers

AFE - Association of Facilities Engineers

IIE - Institute of Industrial Engineers

NEMA - National Electrical Manufacturers Association

SME - Society of Mechanical Engineers

Rotary - Voluntary Service Organization


Articles and Publications

Navy Crane Center Publication - Crane Corner

Misconceptions about Crane Safety



Calstate 1st Builders - Southern California Based Industrial Metal Building Supplier

Varco Pruden Pre-fabricated Metal Buildings - Consider a Pre Fab Building when installing an Outdoor Crane System.

Imperial Conveyor - Los Angeles based Conveyor Manufacturer and Distributor.

Murphy Rodgers - Dust Collectors and Air Pollution Equipment

Smith Fastener - Industrial Fasteners, Nuts, Bolts etc.

Taylor Dunn - Electrical Vehicles for your Facility

Lawrence Roll Up Doors - Los Angeles Based Roll Up Door Manufacturer and Service Company - Economical, Durable and Virtually Maintenance Free Arch Style Steel Buildings, Barns, Hangars and Garage kits. Factory Direct. World Wide Shipping.

Steel Metal Roofing - metal roofs and steel roofing directory  - Directory of major metal roofing vendors, steel roofing supplies, and metal roof installers. - - Directory of different types of home based businesses

Webmaster Directory - Directory of Webmaster Resources including hosting, promotion, scripts, services, tools and much more.

Industrial Link Exchange Central - IndustrialLink is a web portal devoted to the collection and distribution of information for industrial websites who are attempting to link their sites with other likeminded industrial web sites.

Collating Machine - Vectacraft offers food processing machinery like cartoning machines, collating machine.


Title : Aerospace equipment
Description : Aerosystems International can supply a variety of services to the aerospace sector. Using our own engineering team, ASI has provided design, development and production services for a variety of electronic systems ground support equipment.
Title : Containers
Description : ATS Containers has been providing a vast selection of storage containers and shipping containers since 1992. Several of our container models are offered as new, used or modified.
Title : Hard facing
Description : CCI Thermal Spray / Manufacturing / Engineering is specialized in resolving wear and/or corrosion problems on mechanical components by applying various specialized coatings as well as by manufacturing these high performance components.
Title : Plastic Extrusion Machinery
Description : At CDS, we enable our customers to achieve their productivity goals through our vast selection of plastic extrusion machinery and services.
Title : Leed contractor
Description : Triad Construction is a general contractor and a construction management company for new construction or renovations. As leed contractor, we are operating throughout Quebec and parts of Ontario.
Title : Conveyor belting
Description : Contact Rubber is a leading manufacturer and distributor of industrial rubber products and supplies, focusing on custom and customer-specified requirements.
Title : Air filter manufacturer
Description : Electro Breeze, air purification system manufacturer, has been proven to be the best and most efficient way of cleaning air. Need an air purification system? We offer electronic, dynamic, HVAC, UV and Furnace air filter and air cleaner.
Title : Tubing manufacturers
Description : At Solaris Industries, we are manufacturer and supplier of quality steel tubing. We produce both mechanical, welded and coated steel tubing and understand the people who use them.
Title : Compressed air
Description : Entreprises Larry Inc is the leading compressed air business in Quebec and the principal supplier of compressors for Montreal and the Province. Discover our products from Ingersoll Rand, Tuthill, Ribon and Rydlyme.
Title : Plating Montreal
Description : Electrum has positioned itself to meet customer demand for solutions to their electroplating needs. We specialize in the highest quality gold and sliver electroplating as well as nickel, tin, and copper, painting and chemical coatings.
Title : Custom gears
Description : Sherbrooke Gear Works is a proud custom gear and gearbox manufacturer. From the design of complex systems to technical support, our engineering products and services are available to you at any time.
Title : Metal finishing
Description : Metal finishing and zinc plating no longer hold any secrets for Lasalle Plating, our family-run business has been a leader in the barrel plating and metal finishing industry for the hardware industry and decoration industry since 1979.
Title : Artesian well
Description : Artesian wells are Puits Berniers specialty. We're one of the only companies to do it all: we drill and install artesian wells, as well as geothermal wells.
Title : Electric motor
Description : R. & R. Moteurs & Pices Inc. is one of the largest distributors in Canada for electric motors, parts and accessories. Our high quality products make us the reference when it comes to motors, blowers and their parts.
Title : Custom transformers
Description : Marcus is a leader in the innovative design of standard and custom transformers. We are making lighting and distribution transformers that significantly reduce power consumption for commercial and industrial users.
Title : Conveyor
Description : Founded in 1988, Carminex Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of portable and stationary equipment used in the mining, quarry and recycling industries, more specifically, portable plants and conveyors.

Title : Redundancy switch
Description : Tekron engineering efforts are focused on providing innovative solutions to Switching, Monitoring and Control applications in remote CATV Headend & Hub sites, and in remote Broadcast Transmission sites.
Title : Garage doors
Description : Portes Bourassa specializes in front or garages doors made using quality materials. From sales to maintenance to installation, our complete range of products and services are sure to satisfy the various needs of its clientele.
Title : Wood fired boiler
Description : Wellons FEI Corp. is specializing in the design, manufacture and turnkey installation of biomass and gas fired thermal energy systems, and lumber drying kilns.