Bishamon - Floor Level Pallet Positioner

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Our complete line of material handling equipment is the right choice for executing many difficult tasks at workplace. Material handling equipment include Lift Tables, Positioners, Tilters and Upenders, Stackers, Pallet Jacks and also Drum Handling Equipment.

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Floor Level Pallet Positioner

The EZ Off Lifter pallet positioner is the ultimate ergonomic solution for loading or unloading pallets in application when loads are transported with a pallet truck. These revolutionary products provide the answer for maintaining the load at a convenient working height. They also provide easy pallet rotation and near side loading to eliminate excessive lifting, bending, and stretching. They are electro-hydraulic operated and available in a free-standing front access model, and a bolt-down model with ramp access from three sides.


*3S model does not include extra ramps

Floor Level Pallet Positioner

Catalogue Description PDF File
Bishamon - Floor Level Pallet Positioner image
Sr. Model Maximum Capacity (lbs) Lowered Height (in) Raised Height (in) Maximum Pallet Size (in) Your Price Add To Cart
1 EZ Off 2500 1.75 30 44 x 48 $6,988.80
2 *EZ Off 3S 2500 1.75 30 44 x 48 $6,988.80

Options and Accessories

Sr. Description Your Price Add To Cart
1 Additional ramp for EZO-25E-3S $375.00
2 Additional bumper / pallet stop for EZO-25E-3S $89.00
3 14" ramp extension for EZO-25E-3S $188.00
4 Foot control $165.00

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