Shaw Box 700 Series Wire Rope Hoist


Ace Crane is the leading supplier of high quality and durable hoists that find their application in many manufacturing and industrial scenarios. All the hoists provided by us are trusted the world over for their robust built, incredible sturdiness and top-notch performance. These are manufactured using finest quality raw materials and constructed strictly according to the set industry standards.

We offer an extensive and comprehensive range of different hoists that are suitable to satisfy just about any lifting and loading requirement. Various hoists offered by us include Harrington Hoist, Electric Chain Hoist, Air Chain Hoists and Explosion Proof Hoists.

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Shaw Box 700 Series Hoist

 Capacities: 1 to 10 tons


  • One-piece welded steel frame ensures precise fit & long hoisting machinery life
  • Alloy aluminum gear case and cover is lightweight yet rugged
  • Direct acting D.C. brake solenoid for smooth braking action
  • Multiple disc motor brake for long life and maximum braking efficiency
  • Bearings supported in an independent gear case spider give a precise fit, and allow removal of the gear case cover without disassembly of the gearing
  • Hinged control panel cover permits easy access to the control components
  • Improved plow steel preformed wire rope for maximum strength and life
  • Full-swiveling, heat-treated forged steel hook with spring loaded latch
  • Shrouded lower block to help prevent pinched fingers
  • Push-button control pendant for easy one-handed operation
  • Rugged, low-maintenance magnetic contactor control
  • High torque, heavy-duty hoist motor for smooth load handling
  • Watershed and gaskets for tight frame cover seal and protection of internal components
  • Integrally welded mounting lug permits various trolley attachment options
  • Block operated limit switch limits upward hook travel
  • Rope anchor, easily accessible for inspecrion and maintenance
  • Deep grooved, large diameter rope drum helps prevent rope overwrap for longer rope life
  • Double reduction helical gearing provides a smooth, quiet drive train
  • Positive action mechanical load loweting control brake, also acts as a part of the hoist holding brake system





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