Fall Arrest & Restraint Systems

Fall protection is a planned system used to protect workers from death or potential injury in the event they lose their balance while performing a task at height.
Ace Crane has a complete line of quality and reliable fall arrest systems that can fit almost any application found in your work environment.

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Fall Arrest Harnesses


The First Component of Fall Arrest Equipment is the Safety Harness. Ace Crane offers a Complete Line of Safety Harnesses to meet your Field Safety Requirements



Fall Arrest Lanyards - connecting device.


The Second Component of a Fall Arrest System is the connecting device.The simpliest of these devices is the Fall Arrest Lanyard.



Fall Limiters /  Self Retracting Life Lines - connecting device


Rigid Life Line Fall Arrest Systems


Rigid Lifelines fall protection systems fall protection do not deflect downward during a fall event like wire rope or cable systems.


Because our systems do not deflect, fall forces are lessened, fall distance is dramatically decreased and fall safety is increased.

Harnesses Retracting Life Lines Lanyards Horizontal Life Lines

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