Crane & Hoist Accessories

Ace Crane has a complete line of Crane and Hoist Accessories to customize your Overhead Crane and Hoist to meet your production requirements.
Ace Crane has a large variety of accessories including Crane & Hoist Pendant Control Stations, Crane and Hoist Radio Control Systems, Crane and Hoist Variable Frequency Drives, Crane and Hoist Buss Bar Electrification Systems and Wireless E Stops to Control Machinery.

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Crane & Hoist Pendant Control Stations


The Hoist Pendant Control Station is the primary interface between the Crane Operator and the Crane and Hoist that they operate.


Improve productivity by replacing  older control stations with Ergonomic Crane and Hoist Pendant Control Stations


Crane and Hoist Radio Control Systems


Increase Productivity and Worker Safety by installing a Wireless Crane Radio Contol System.


The Hoist Radio Controls we offer are Made in the USA and include a 1 Year UNCONDITIONAL Warranty


Crane and Hoist Variable Frequency Drives


Increase Safety and Productivity by adding Variable Frequency Drives to your Overhead Crane and Hoist.  VFD's can be used to convert a 1 Speed into a multi speed crane to provide precise spotting and reduce hoist load swing!


Crane & Hoist Buss Bar Electrification Systems


Supply power to your Crane, Hoist or other moving machinery with Buss Bar Electification.


Wireless E Stop to Control Machinery


Give your machinery operators the ability to wirelessly start and stop equipment.


               Ace Crane offers a Full Line of Crane and Hoist Accessories to fit almost any application. 

               Please call us @ 800-562-9840 or Email Us with your Application Requirements


Pendant Stations Buss Bar Flat Festoon Tagline Kit VFD\'s Radio Controls Radio On/Off

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